Unit 1: Core Issues in the learning context

Classroom dynamics

Student interaction and teacher roles

Learning styles

Motivating students to learn

Lesson planning and determining aims

Analysing written and spoken language

Unit 2: Micro skills of teaching ESOL

Teacher Language

Questioning techniques

Giving instructions

Pace in the classroom

Drilling techniques

Correcting written language

Unit 3: Teaching skills-focused lessons

Listening 1 Listening sub skills and a typical lesson

Listening 2 Learner-friendly listening lessons

Reading 1 Knowing about strategies and sub skills

Reading 2 Setting tasks for reading texts

Speaking 1 Fluency

Speaking 2 Strategies

Writing 1 A product approach and features of written language

Writing 2 a process approach

Unit 4: Teaching language-focused lessons

Teaching vocabulary 1 Different approaches

Teaching vocabulary 2 Concept checking

Teaching Grammar 1 Different Approaches

Teaching Grammar 2 Grammar from texts

Teaching Grammar 3 Using communicative activities

Teaching Grammar 4 Concept-checking grammar

Task-based language learning

Teaching functional language

Unit 5: Materials and resources

Using authentic material

Timetabling a sequence of lessons

CALL: Computer Assisted Language Learning

Using DVD or video

Using Games

Using drama activities


The following books are referred to at the end of ETS TaskBook lessons:

  • Classroom Dynamics by Jill Hadfield (Oxford University Press 1992)
  • Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers by Michael McCarthy (Cambridge University Press 1991)
  • Drama Techniques: A resource book for communication activities for language teachers (3rd edition) by Alan Maley and Alan Duff (Cambridge University Press 2005)
  • Games for Language Learning (3rd edition) by Andrew Wright, David Betteridge and Michael Buckby (Cambridge University Press 2006)
  • How to Teach Grammar by Scott Thornbury (Pearson 1999)
  • How to Teach Speaking by Scott Thornbury (Pearson 2005)
  • Learning Teaching (2nd edition) by Jim Scrivener (Macmillan 2005)
  • Learning to Learn English by Gail Ellis and Barbara Sinclair (Cambridge University Press 1989)
  • Music and Song by Tim Murphey (Oxford University Press 1992)
  • Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom by Tricia Hedge (Oxford University Press 2000)
  • The Practice of English Language Teaching (4th edition) by Jeremy Harmer (Pearson 2007)
  • The Self Directed Teacher by David Nunan and Clarice Lamb (Cambridge University Press 1996)
  • Using Authentic Video in the Language Classroom by Jane Sherman (Cambridge University Press 2003)

The following DVD and workbook is referred to at the end of ETS TaskBook  lessons:

Language Teaching Classroom Practice DVD and Workbook by Heather Richards and Karen Wise (AUT University 2007)