Students who break any of these rules will be given at least 1 verbal and 1 written warning. If the behaviour continues, the student will be expelled.

Treat all students and staff with respect.

This includes respecting the rights, space and privacy of others (both other students and staff).

Arrive to class on time.

Attend all classes unless you contact the school and explain your absence.

If you smoke…

Please remember that you can only smoke at the back of building 23. Please remember that it is not ok to drop your cigarette butts on the ground. Please put your cigarette butts in the boxes outside the buildings.

No alcohol or drugs on school premises

Students have to follow New Zealand‘s drug and alcohol laws.

Respect all school property and facilities

Please remember to use our computers and email facilities appropriately.

Languages International reserves the right to expel without prior warning any student who beaks New Zealand law.

If you experience any harassment or discrimination while at Languages International, please report this to your teacher or reception.

Don’t download illegal internet content

There are serious penalties for illegal downloads in New Zealand.

If you are under 18 years old…

then the School Rules for Under 18-year-olds also apply to you.