What our programmes look like will vary depending on the needs and background of the learners, their eligibility for Workplace Literacy Funding and the amount of time they can be spare from their duties. We have pre-approved Workplace Literacy Funding and are happy to talk to you about whether this would work for your people. We are also work with businesses on a private basis where programmes or individuals are not eligible for funding.

Whichever way you go, here are some common features of our programmes:

  • A programme with one or two workshops a week allowing time to implement and transfer skills to their workplace.
  • Diagnostic and progress assessments.
  • An individual learning plan for each employee which link what they need to learn with the business and course priorities.
  • Relevant learning tasks based on the demands of the workplace building on the strengths of employees.
  • Onsite delivery is more convenient and more relevant to work.
  • Group or one-to-one coaching. Most people find learning in groups more motivating and supportive and when people learn in work teams, these teams grow together.
  • Shorter lessons are more manageable for people at work.
  • The real learning takes place in the workplace and in learners’ lives outside work. Our courses build autonomy and provide opportunities for learners to apply their learning outside the course.

It’s about knowing the demands of the job, knowing the learners, their background and culture, knowing what to do and making all the connections.

The excellent Skills Highway website has case studies of successful programmes in operation and lots of useful resources for employers. You should also check what employers say about our programmes.