Proven expertise in identifying language strengths and needs.

We can help your staff develop skills that allows them to perform to their potential.

We can:

  • Analyse and advise on the issues your organisation is facing
  • Plan and deliver appropriate language and literacy training to your staff
  • Help your business build capacity and capability for the future.

Better with language

Enabling people to see how words are used in their profession is  empowering and gives employees tools to select which words to use with which groups of people.

We help employees analyse language in use to see the relationship between purpose and audience, the mode of communication (written / spoken / on the record / off the record) and the language choices made.

Language is power and giving people analysis tools is the first step in helping them develop their professional identity.

Better with skills

What are the underlying skills that will make a difference to your business? Is it about being able to …

  • recount a narrative
  • describe a situation effectively
  • interact and engage with colleagues and clients
  • check information and repair misunderstandings
  • state your opinion and support this with evidence
  • quickly understand S.O.P.s
  • understand the purpose of procedures
  • report facts objectively

Our training will develop relevant skills using work situations that your staff are familiar with.

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