Working at Languages International

If you are interested in joining our teaching staff, send your C.V. to Nick Moore, with a covering letter saying why you would be suited to working at Languages International.

If you are not a NZ or Australian citizen or resident, you should look at

We have teachers on staff from all over the English-speaking world, and we are always keen to have more. However we have to be sure that we like you and, equally, you like us, and since this is extremely difficult to assess without a personal interview, we are seldom able to offer firm contracts before teachers actually arrive in the country. Don’t let this put you off contacting us, though, as it is usually fairly straightforward to obtain a visa for good teachers and in some cases we can arrange interviews overseas or even do interviews over the phone.


In addition to native-speaker competence in English, all staff must have at least:

  • a degree; and
  • the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)* or an equivalent such as the Trinity Certificate in TESOL.

*If you have an alternative qualification and want to assess whether it is equivalent, have a look at the CELTA outline. The key point is that the qualifications must include an assessed practicum.

For more senior positions, we are also interested in teachers with substantial experience and:

  • The Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA); or
  • A Masters in Applied Linguistics (M. App. Ling) or equivalent.

We look for teachers with the following attributes:

  • Enthusiasm for teaching and learning;
  • Professionalism;
  • Ability to contribute to a team;
  • A commitment to providing a well-rounded, positive experience for international students.

What we offer

Alongside the great location, wide range of nationalities and varied academic programme that we provide for our students, we offer:

  • The opportunity to work with skilled, experienced, well-qualified and supportive colleagues
  • A comprehensive professional development programme, with personal coaching, group workshops, observations and the regular opportunity to do the Cambridge DELTA
  • Competitive, professional contracts, and a career structure.

Key employment dates

We are busy throughout the year, so it is always worth putting in an application, but we are particularly busy:

  • From the beginning of January;
  • From late July;
  • From mid-September;

It’s best to put in applications for these dates at least 6 weeks to a month beforehand.


Languages International is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunities.