General English Course

  • Learn to communicate more fluently and accurately in English.
  • Enjoy interesting and effective lessons.

Teachers follow a detailed syllabus using a textbook together with other in-class activities.  The morning course focuses especially on speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary. The full-time course includes more reading and writing as well as a range of options such as Grammar, Preparation for IELTS, English for Business, Vocabulary and Conversation. You can change your option regularly.

Course entry level

Any level. (We offer classes at 8 internationally recognised levels from beginner to post-advanced.)

Course length

2 weeks +

Course hours

Full-time: 23 hours per week
20 (60-minute) hours in class
3 (60-minute) hours teacher-supervised independent learning

Part-time: 13 hours per week 10 (60-minute) hours in class
3 (60-minute) hours teacher-supervised independent learning

See sample timetable

Class size

Maximum of 14 students

Start dates

Any Monday


This course is offered in Auckland, New Zealand.

Course Price (NZ$)

Full-time $475 per week
Part-time $375 per week
Registration fee $265
Materials fee $130

See also

You can also get extra speaking practice in the Learning Centre (ask a teacher about the “Conversation Exchange”) and through the Social Programme.

Our students say

See what our students say about the General English course on the “General English students say” page and in the videos below.

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