(Written by Alex Bouhiron, a past student of Languages International)

Last September, I got a diploma in waste management. Although I have a professional degree, I didn’t find a job in France. After five months of unsuccessful research, I decided to come in New Zealand. My goal was to improve my English and secondly get experience in my domain.

Languages International offered me a good deal. While I was in school to improve my English, Languages International’s partner, Internex, was looking for a job for me. After one month in school, Internex found me a job in waste management. I think if I have been looking by myself, it would have been very difficult to find the same job.

My company, Junk 2 Go, collect all the waste you cannot throw in general rubbish, for example, renovation waste, garden waste, etc. The company has developed and now wants to recycle some waste collected. So Junk 2 Go hired me with the aim to develop the recycling part. For me, this is an exciting experience because the company needs new ideas and development. This is a new challenge for me and an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge.

With my five months of unsuccessful job research, I know it would have been impossible to find the same job in France. Languages International, with this work placement, helped me to find an unbelievable opportunity to gain a first job experience in my domain.