Written by: Students in Sally’s intermediate class at Languages International Auckland

1.If you want to go to the beautiful beach, a lot of shops and cafes near the city, we recommend you go to Mission Bay. There are many kinds if restaurants, the famous Swiss ice cream shop (Movenpick) and beautiful houses in Mission Bay. Also, you can walk along the beach.
(Ji Ye, Aum and Keri)

2. If you want to go to Auckland Museum, you can take the Link Bus.(Link bus is a good way to go around Auckland. It costs only $1.70. It takes you to a lot of interesting places). You can see the Maori culture and there are many exhibitions in the museum. It takes 3 or 4 hours to see all the exhibitions in the Auckland Museum. When you leave, you will know
more about Auckland than before.
(Helen and Maiko)

3. Devonport is a very nice place in Auckland because you can see nice view. First you go to the Ferry Terminal in Downtown Auckland. You buy the return ticket which is $10. When you arrive in Devonport you can go to Mt. Victoria and see a nice view of Auckland City. Also there is a famous chocolate shop and old books shop so you can enjoy it.
(J and Jun)

4. When you come to Auckland you can see the Skytower which is the highest building in Auckland. There are a lot of interesting things. If you pay some money you can have panoramic views and activities, such as bungy jumping, walking on the top of the Skytower. Also, you can have a great meal at one of the two restaurants.
(Noma and Ki Yong)

5. One Tree Hill. Catch a Greenlane bus from the city to Greenlane. then climb to the top of the hill. Look around and see Auckland buildings, beaches, roads, hills,ships, cafes, cars. Also see many sheep.
(Ali and Stas)