With winter here in Auckland, students and staff at Languages International are preparing for snowboarding and skiing trips.

We are currently taking students to Snowplanet, just 20 minutes from Auckland, to practice. Snowplanet is the only indoor ski area in the Southern Hemisphere. It provides a safe, fun area for students to learn how to snowboard or ski before heading to our marvellous outdoor resorts. It has one of the steepest indoor slopes in the world.

Ruapehu, our main skiing area in the North Island, has opened. It is so big that you can ski all day and not ski the same run twice. At just 4 hours from Auckland, it is a short mini van trip with Auckland Adventures. Students stay in one of the small villages and spend two days skiing all day long. At night, they can relax in the hot thermal waters. But, best of all, the daily cost of skiing (around US $40) is half as much as in Canada or the USA.

Let’s hope more students come across and join us to enjoy the snow, the mountains, the beaches, the parks, the extreme sports, well, all of New Zealand