New Zealand by Khalid and Ayano, students at Languages International

I had heard that everything about New Zealand is good for students. Especially the beaches, the food and the outdoor activities. New Zealand has a lot of good beaches. For example, Mission Bay, Takapuna and Narrowneck beach. If you go there, you can see a beautiful view.

Next I’d like to talk about food. You can find all kinds of restaurants in downtown Auckland. However, food from your country is more expensive than in your country. But, you can find foods that you like.

If you want to do outdoor activities you can do everything because NZ has a lot of activities. For example, bungee jumping, skydiving, sailing and camping. If you go to the Harbour Bridge, you can try bungee-jumping. NZ has many winter sports, you can enjoy something in all seasons.

Finally, I want to talk about the people. They are very friendly and kind to foreigners. We think that you must stay in a homestay if you want to live in NZ. It’s good for students to stay with a host family. NZ is the best country to study English. All students learn British English and enjoy everything in NZ. So you should enjoy NZ’s lifestyle!

New Zealand by Aiden and Karin, students at Languages International

Do you know anything about New Zealand? There are more sheep and more cows than people in NZ and it is one of the most beautiful islands.

The indigenous people of NZ are called Maori.

There are some strange customs here. For example, most of the stores close at 5 or 6pm, so if you need something in the night, you have to look for open stores. And when you are taking a bus, sometimes you don’t know where it is. Also, when you want to take a bus you have to raise your hand at the bus stop. In our country you don’t need to do that.

However there are also a lot of nice things about NZ. For example, most of the shop assistants are so kind, friendly and funny. You can go shopping happily.