Hi! I’m Emily. I’m from Korea. Nice to meet you. ^^ If you come to New Zealand, you will experience cultural differences. So, I’m going to explain some “cultural differences” for you.

I think you should come to New Zealand to see the beautiful views and to meet Kiwi people. It is a wonderful country, but culturally, it is a little different, so be careful! If you do not know anything about New Zealand culture, I will teach you. Don’t worry!

First of all, you don’t have to take off your shoes. In my country (Korea), we must take off our shoes, but in New Zealand it’s ok to leave them on. If you are invited to your Kiwi friend’s house you should bring some food (a bottle of wine, a cake, some flowers…) and if you want to smoke you must ask the hostess.

In my country,we should bow to our friends’ parents. In New Zealand, we shouldn’t bow to our Kiwi friends’ parents.

You should make time to have dessert. You should try to smile. (Beacuse in my country people don’t smile because they are really busy working.)

This is probably enough advice for you. Remember!! Enjoy your time in New Zealand. You must come to New Zealand to meet me and enjoy your life. Thank you for reading my article. Good luck !! ^^

Text by a Korean student at Languages International
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