I have lived in my homestay for 2 weeks. My homestay is located in Greenlane near Cornwall park. I go to school by bus and go home by train. I usually spend about 25 minutes on the bus and about 15 minutes on the train. My homestay is 20 minutes from the train station on foot.

My homestay mom is from England. She is just 24 years old. She is very kind and cheerful, so I like her. My homestay father is from Malaysia. He works in construction so I’m not familiar with him, but he is pleasant.

And there is one baby. She is just 15 months old. She is very lovely and adorable, but sometimes she is a troublemaker! She spills her drink on the floor and shouts and cries very loudly. Sometimes, she hides her mom’s possessions. Later, her Mom finds her possessions in the fridge! My homestay mother is always telling her “get out of my fridge!!” There is another homestay student, who is also from Korea, and she is very helpful.

Dinner is not western style. We usually eat rice. I don’t have any problems about the food. The house is very old, but I like my homestay and homestay family 🙂

Text by Rebecca’s Pre-Intermediate class at Languages International
Photo of Cornwall Park by Sandy Austin