Hello everyone!

I live in apartment which is really near Queen St. and the school. I have a flatmate who is from Japan. Sometimes we cook together and practice our English conversation.

In Taiwan, I live with my family, and I don’t need to do anything beacuse my mother does everything for me. However, now I have to do everything for myself. It’s a different kind of life!

Previously, I lived in a homestay. My first homestay was with a Kiwi family and I had my own room. I like Kiwi food and I like having BBQs in the garden. I could only spend 6 minutes each day in the shower! It was not very good for me.

My second homestay was with a Chinese family. They were very friendly, we ate the noodles on the first day. They said it was to welcome me. This homestay gave me lunch everyday and my lunch box was close to 1KG, I think I will become heavy soon.

I love New Zealand, I love Auckland. The weather is sometimes terrible.

Text by Chih yu ming, a student at Languages International
Photo of Languages International homestay family by Kurt Langer