At Languages International, we understand that you have your own individual reasons for learning English. The Learning Centre is a social learning space where you can extend the study you do in your classes. Our role there is to share resources and advice to help you meet your language learning goals. We will help you to make an individual study plan and support you as you make progress towards your goals.

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Some important features of the Learning Centre:

  • You will spend 3 hours per week at the Learning Centre as part of your course, but you can spend more time studying there if you want to.
  • Our teachers are available in the Learning Centre to give you advice about your language learning, recommend activities, and help you with your English language study.
  • The Learning Centre is also open after classes from Monday to Friday so you can do extra study.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Learning Centre:

  • Focus on language and skills you need for your work, study, social or travel goals
  • Work with other students to practise your language and skills
  • Collaborate with other students on projects for class
  • Choose from a range of resources (internet-based, movies, songs, magazines, textbook materials) so that you can learn in ways that work for you
  • Get help preparing your CV and looking for a job.
  • Prepare for your Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL®, OET, BEC or TOEIC® exams
  • Borrow books and audio books from the library
  • Join a conversation practice group
  • Meet a teacher for individual learning advice or to get feedback on your language

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