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  • Text 1: The Christmas Holidays

  • 1. A: You've just come back from your holiday over Christmas. Where
    you go?
  • 2. B: Well I went back to England. At first I went for a
  • 3. which was
    the end of November, and then I decided to stay for Christmas because it's such a long way back to England.
  • 4. I
    a really good time.
  • 5. A:
    did it feel going back to England?
  • 6. B: Great. It was really good to
    all my friends and family and it was also quite nice
  • 7.
    my boyfriend who's a New Zealander came to visit.
  • 8. It
    the first time he'd been to England, so it was great to
  • 9. show
    all the tourist sights
  • 10.
    London. We also went to Paris.
  • Text 2: Computers

  • 11. I wrote my first program for a computer when I
    thirteen years old.
  • 12. A program
    a computer to do something. My program told the computer to
  • 13. play
    game. This computer was very big and slow.
  • 14. It didn't
    have a computer screen. But I thought it was wonderful. I was just
  • 15. a kid, but the computer
    everything I told it to do. And even today, that's
  • 16.
    I love about computers. When I write a good program, it always
  • 17.
    perfectly, every time.
  • 18. The computer was our toy. We grew up
    it. And when we grew up, we
  • 19. brought our toy with
    . Now the computer is in our homes and in our offices.
  • 20. It
    our lives and it is changing them again, because
  • 21. now the computers
    together to make a new system.
  • 22. In
    system, computers all over the world are beginning to work together.
  • 23. Our computers
    our telephones, our post office, our library, and our banks. When we talk about this new system, we call it the Internet.
  • Bill Gates The Road Ahead. Penguin 1995. © Microsoft Corporation. Permission sought.
  • Text 3: Tramping - walking in New Zealand's forests and mountains

  • 24. New Zealand's
    tourist season is generally in the warmer months from around November to
  • 25. April, though of course there's some exceptions - ski resort towns,
    , will be
  • 26. packed out in winter. The most busy time to be travelling in New Zealand is
    the summer school holidays from around 20 December to 30 January. To a lesser extent Easter weekend, Labour Weekend in late October, and the May and August
  • 27. school holidays
    also busy periods. If you're travelling during
  • 28. the school holidays, when New Zealanders as well as visitors are out on the road, remember that
  • 29. type of accommodation and transport is
    to fill up, especially the more
  • 30.
    places, so plan ahead. It may be more pleasant to visit New Zealand
  • 31.
    before or after this hectic period, when the weather is still warm and there
  • 32.
    as many other travellers around.
  • 33. New Zealand is not like some other countries, though,
    the weather is so miserable at some
  • 34. times of the year that there's no
    in going.
  • 35. You
    need warmer clothes in winter but there are
  • 36.
    other things to see and do in New Zealand all year around.
  • Peter Turner et al. New Zealand Travel Survival Kit. 8th edition. © Lonely Planet 1996. Reproduced with permission of Lonely Planet Publications.
  • Text 4: Planning a night out

  • A: Hi. How are you?
    B: I'm good
  • 37. A: Very good. So, listen. We
    out tonight. That's the plan, right?
    B: Yeah, that's the plan.
  • 38. A: OK. So have you thought about what sort of thing
    to do?
    B: Well, I rather fancy seeing a movie actually and maybe have dinner.
  • 39. A: Yes, food
    good. I was actually thinking about
  • 40.
    a play.
    B: Oh really?
  • 41. A: Yeah, I
    anything live for a long time.
    B: That's a good idea. What would you like to see?
  • 42. A: Well, it's funny. The other day on Sunday I
    to the radio. Amanda Jones came on. She's directing a play called 'The Birthday Party'. B: I've heard it's really good.
  • 43. A: And I thought it could be a good bet. It's also on at the Maidment, so it's a
    B: Oh right. So how much is that?
    A: Umm, well, it's $18 if you're under 25
    B: That's not us then, is it?
    A: No, it doesn't really matter
  • 44. B: We could
    something to eat first.
  • 45. A: Yeah, yeah, that'd be good. We
    go to Ken's Yakitori quite early, like, round 6:30
  • 46. B: Ok, well,
    great. So what time would you like to meet?
  • 47.
    we meet in town or
  • 48. should I
    you up?
    A: We'll meet at Ken's.
  • Text 5: The Case for an Increased Greenhouse Effect

  • 49. The earth has an average surface temperature of about 15°C, although the temperature on the surface
    from -60°C to 80°C.
  • 50. The planet is in a heat balance. Light energy released by the sun
    the surface of the earth;
  • 51. as a result, heat energy is
    from the earth's surface into space, cooling the earth down.
  • 52. If the earth had
    atmosphere around it, the surface would be about
  • 53. 33°C colder
    . This is
  • 54.
    the gases trap heat energy. Light energy can pass through the gases but heat energy
  • 55. cannot get out again
    . As with the glass in a gardener's greenhouse
  • 56.
    lets in light but holds back heat, the earth's atmosphere warms up. This is known
  • 57.
    the greenhouse effect. The power of the greenhouse effect is
  • 58.
    by earth's neighbour, the planet Venus. Venus is nearer to the sun than we are and if it
  • 59. lacked an atmosphere, it
    an average surface temperature of 37°C.
  • 60. However, its atmosphere
    96% carbon dioxide. When a recent space craft landed, it found a surface temperature of 428°C!
  • Tomkins, S., M.J. Reiss & C. Morris Biology at Work. © CUP 1992. Reproduced with the permission of Cambridge University Press
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