When you stay with one of our families, you will find a welcoming home that offers you warmth and security. This is the way to experience the New Zealand way of life and to practise the language you learn at school during the day. Homestay includes dinner, bed and breakfast on weekdays and full board at weekends. You will have a comfortable room of your own, with space for study. Usually there is one student in each home. When there is more than one, we make sure that the students do not have the same native language, unless two people ask to stay together.

Our homestay families are specially chosen for their ability to understand and meet the needs of overseas students. We are sure you will find them welcoming and helpful throughout your stay in New Zealand.

Homestay prices

Please see the accommodation prices page for details.

Our students say…

Read what our students say about living with a host family or watch the videos below about homestay.