Workplace Communication

Why choose Languages International as your workplace literacy partner?

We are a workplace literacy provider with a proven track record in the design and implementation of industry-specific English language programmes.

We can help your company identify and target key communicative competencies in these essential workplace skills:

  • Speaking to communicate
  • Reading to understand
  • Listening to understand
  • Writing to communicate

Our programmes are tailor-made to the needs of your work environment and can be adapted to the changing demands of the workplace.  We can work with individuals or groups and provide short or long term support.

Our tutors are highly experienced and well-qualified. They are salaried staff which means that we are able to ensure consistently high quality tutoring across programmes.

We provide effective monitoring and support throughout the course to ensure ongoing progress.

Why should your company invest in workplace literacy training?

Improved skills means better communication, more confident employees and fewer mistakes all of which lead to a healthier bottom line.

Communications training enables employees to make the move into more demanding roles and adapt to change in an organisation.

Workplace literacy is currently a New Zealand Government funding priority, so your business may be eligible for subsidies.  Languages International is currently funded under the Workplace Literacy Fund.

Our track record

We have successfully worked with a number of organisations over the last few years including NZ Police, Countdown and The Selwyn Foundation, proving that our core strengths are:

  • identifying the key skills needed by employees to be effective in the workplace
  • designing innovative training solutions
  • working flexibly with groups / individuals / face-to-face situations / remote support

We have shown that we can work with learners with low language and literacy levels as well as learners working at very high levels who need to produce sophisticated language at work. We have supported both EAL (English as an Additional Language) employees and those who speak English as their first language.

We believe…

  • The business benefits for your company must be central to our course design.
  • In building a working partnership with your HR department to identify in-house training needs.
  • That combining the development of communicative skills with an understanding of effective learning strategies optimises learning during the course and equips learners for ongoing learning in the future.
  • Teaching and learning activities need to be as authentic as possible to achieve buy in.
  • In a world where literacy demands are increased by the proliferation of IT, helping employees with IT may be a significant part of helping them communicate more effectively.

Our consultation process

Workplace communications cycle of life

Free initial consultation and assessment

The Literacy Professionals staff at Languages International will happily provide an obligation-free initial consultation in which we will …

  1. Profile the communications training needs of your business.
  2. Identify the communications skills needed by your business.
  3. Assess a sample group of learners.
  4. Provide a written report outlining our recommendations for staff training.


For more information or to discuss the difference workplace literacy training could make to your business, contact