I came to New Zealand for only three weeks. First, I stayed in Auckland for two weeks and then I’m going to Queenstown for for one week. I lived in two different homestays during this time. The reasons for my choices are two different things, too. I will see the country and I will improve my English. As well I will have a holiday. So my days starts at 7am every day. Then I go to school to 1pm. After this I start my sightseeing. By the end of the first week, I realised I had too many wishes. I was really tired. I didn’t see many differences, but I will try to describe the things.

Some New Zealand people are really friendly. When you stop on the road they ask: “Is everthing okay? Lost your way?”. In Germany that is untypical. The people are direct, friendly and not shy.

Another difference is the bus situation in a big city. I lived in Mission Bay and the bus goes here very often. But in other parts buses are rare. I think this is like a small city in Germany, but not for the biggest city in a country!

I can’t describe the difference between eating. The food is a little bit different. My homestay family didn’t give me any advice about living there, so I can’t describe the different between German and Kiwi families. I think many things are the same. For example: Eating together, sitting at the table and waiting of everyone to finish, not smoking without asking. Next week I’ll probably cook for my homestay family. I will cook a typical German recipe.

By a German student at Languages International
Photo of Languages International homestay family by Kurt Langer