Anna at her Auckland homestayWhat is it like to stay in a New Zealand homestay? Anna and Vladimir from Russia sent us this message about their experience…

“There is no better way to get some impression what life is really like in New Zealand than through staying with the hosts at homestay. My husband and I visited Auckland at the beginning of December 2014. It was the chance for us to spend 3 months seeing the way of life in New Zealand through the eyes of people who live there.

We lived in a 2-stored house in Birkdale. Every day we enjoyed friendly atmosphere that we feel not only from our hosts but also from their 2 wonderful cats. We really feel accepted in the family and experienced the lifestyle of our hosts, their leisure activities, their hobby (dancing tango) and much more. Our evenings were full of stories, laughter and fantastic food. Even a family’s daily routine became a fascinating experience for us.

In 3 months we went home with great memories and a good impression of New Zealand, its life and people. We stay in contact with our hosts and enjoy hearing about what is happening in their lives.”