New Zealand familyMost international students need to find accommodation when they stay in Auckland, New Zealand. Some people don’t have the option to choose where they stay, so they decide to stay with a homestay family.  In my case, I had the option to stay with my relatives in Auckland, NZ, but I decided to stay with a homestay family instead because I would like to learn about the local way of life and get some experience of the local culture.

 I felt very happy because they spoke to me in a very friendly way.

The first day when I arrived at my lovely homestay, Lucy and Dean, who are my host parents, welcomed me to their home with smiling faces. They showed me how to behave there, what to do after meals, etc. After that, they invited me to enjoy dinner with them. This meal was chicken wraps with salad and sour cream. It was really delicious. They asked me about my country and my life. I felt very happy because they spoke to me in a very friendly way.

New Zealand family dinner

Their house has two storeys. From the second floor you can see a large field and a hill. It’s a very beautiful view.

Next, I organized my bedroom. Lucy told me that “you can tell me whatever you want” I was very happy with them.

My bedroom is absolutely excellent.

My bedroom is absolutely excellent. It has modern décor, a king-sized bed, a modern table, a classic wardrobe, two lamps near the bed, and a private bathroom.

It’s very convenient.

homestay bedroom Auckland New Zealand

The next morning I went to school by bus. It takes five minutes to walk between my homestay and the bus stop. It’s very convenient.

Staying with them is a good experience for me.

Author: Peace

Peace is from Thailand, and he is a student at Languages International Auckland.