I’ve been in Auckland for two months. I want to improve my English, so I came here to study at Languages International.

I live in a homestay in Bayswater now. Every day I take a ferry to go to school.

My homestay is a cosy and natural place with a beautiful garden. My homestay family drink tea and talk together in the garden. They are an older couple. They have been married for fifty-six years. Sometimes their children have dinner together with them on the weekend.

My homestay mom is a good cook. She can bake a lot of desserts, and muffins are my favourite.

My homestay father is a humorous man. He pulls a lot of funny faces.

There are four students in the homestay, and we come from different countries. After dinner, we watch TV and talk about our countries or movies. We also go out on the weekend.

I’m glad to have met my homestay family. This is an important experience in my life.


Yan in New Zealand

Author: Huang Yan

Yan is from Taiwan and is a student at Languages International Auckland.