I am living with a traditional Kiwi family. They only speak English and that helps me a lot. The man has a barber shop. His wife and her sister work in administration.

They are really friendly and helpful and look after me all the time. They live in a really nice, clean and tidy house with a big garden, and it is really close to Auckland’s city centre and a big supermarket.

I’m very happy that I live very near school because it only takes me 15 minutes to get there.

I like my room too because it has a wonderful view of the Sky Tower and I can see beautiful flowers and palm trees.

The only thing missing is a TV, and I’d like to have a bigger bed because it is a little bit too small for me. [Editor’s note: Günther is tall – 192 cm]

There aren’t really any rules. They have only asked me to close all the doors and windows, switch the light off and activate the alarm when I’m going out.  When I come home later than six o`clock, I send them a text message and they put my dinner in the fridge for me.

The man is very interested in fishing, like me. On the weekends we often spend the whole day on the water with his boat.

Otherwise, we have a ride on his amazing motorbike and cruise along the beautiful coasts and streets. He’s really fit as a fiddle for his age of seventy-three, and I hope that I will be too when I’m his age.

I get on very well with his wife and her sister and we go to the gym together three times a week

Both of them cook really, really well. I’ve never eaten such delicious and healthy food before. Every day there is another specialty, for example: lobster, mussels, raw fish, fish soup or grilled lamb.

All in all I have really enjoyed my time at this homestay in Auckland, New Zealand, and I think I will really miss them, when I back go back to Germany.

Gunther in Auckland

Author: Günther Krefeld

Günther is from Germany and is a student at Languages International Auckland.