I chose to stay in a family house in my first 2 months here in New Zealand because I thought it would be another way to experience a new culture, and learn how to speak English better than now. My family home is located near Takapuna Beach. It is a beautiful beach, so whenever I want to be alone or take time to enjoy the day I go there.

The family home where I am living was chosen for me by LI, and they put me in a very nice family, so I thank them. The food is very good, my host parents are really nice, and I have one host sister, two years older than me. My host mother is from Sri Lanka, and this very cool because I am getting to know another culture as well.

I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to living across the harbour bridge on the North Shore. One of the disadvantages is that i cannot go out in the city centre on school nights because there are no night buses to take me home at night.

Text by Marcela, a student at Languages International
Photo by Sandy Austin