Hey everyone,

I am Corinne Niklaus from Switzerland and I’ve been studying English since the 5th January 2010 at the Languages International School.

In Switzerland I played in different orchestras, sometimes three at the same time! This explains why I couldn’t leave my clarinet at home, and I had to search for an orchestra in Auckland. Now I practice music every Thursday in the Auckland Wind Orchestra.

On Sunday 28th of March I will have a concert at the Aotea Chapel (370 Queens St ) in Auckland. If you are interested in classical music, you shouldn’t miss this chance! If you aren’t interested in this kind of music, come anyway and enjoy a new experience.

I look forward to seeing you at the concert.

Best wishes,

(Editor’s note: If you’re coming to Languages International to study and have a musical bent, don’t forget to pack your instrument, because NZ has orchestras too you know!)