Hi we are students from one of the intermediate classes at Languages International. We are Mariko, Yutaka from Japan and Stefanie from Switzerland. We would like to introduce about Auckland city. Auckland city has a range of popular attractions.

First, our school is in Albert Park which has really beautiful flowers and trees. It is a good place to learn English, walk around or relax. A lot of people read books and have a rest there. If you want to be refreshed, we recommend you should go there.

If you want a little more action, there is Sky Tower near from the school. Actually, we did sky jump and it was really exciting. If you try it you may need courage because it is so scared! The view from the tower is fantastic because you can look around the city. Especially, it is more beautiful at night.

In downtown and Newmarket, we can enjoy shopping very much. Now, there are sales because of the end of summer. There are not only clothes shops, but also good restaurants which have different style foods.

One of the most beautiful place is Viaduct Harbour, and the view is really great. Auckland is called “City of sails”. So you can see many yachts and gorgeous cruisers. For example, the Queen Mary 2 stays there; the Biggest cruiser in the world.

Finally, we love the city and enjoy our life here very much. This weekend Mariko has to go back to Japan but she had a great time here and we all miss her. So we really recommend you stay in Auckland!