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I think studying in NZ is more effective than in my country. The reasons are, first, I can speak English anywhere. When I go to school, shops, or even night clubs, I use English. The second is that I can hear the pronunciation of native speakers. It can help me to improve my English skills.

– Aiden from Korea

For me studying in New Zealand is better than in Brazil because here I can talk English all the time and hear different people’s accents. Here all the teachers are natives, and in Brazil I had just two native teachers. But NZ is more expensive than Brazil. On the other hand, I can learn much more English here than in Brazil, so I really like spending my vacation in New Zealand.

Gabriela Lopes from Brazil

In China, teachers always focus on vocabulary and grammar. They speak Chinese for over half the class. Teachers teach on the blackboard and we are busy with taking notes. We also have to do a lot of reading, but we have no chance to talk in the class and much less games. Most students find learning English really boring. In New Zealand, we have a good English learning environment to improve our speaking and listening. It is not like exam-oriented education. We have different ways to study like games and discussions. I really enjoy the class.

– Alice Chen from China

Daily English lessons in Auckland are completely different from English lessons in Italy. The frontal lessons are worse than the circular lessons. Speaking is almost absent in Italian English lessons. The arguments and rules are about the same in both countries. The teachers’ strategies are very different in each country. In Italy, English lessons are sterile because there isn’t any interaction among the classmates in English, and we cannot “absorb” the knowledge.

– Daniele Canova from Italy

We speak more English in New Zealand than in Brazil, because here we have a lot of nationalities together and the main language that everyone speaks is English. In New Zealand we can study more English than in Brazil. It is because we spend the whole day at school. Native teachers are better than Brazilian teachers. Maybe it is because their pronunciation is perfect and their vocabulary is huge. We study more grammar in Brazil than in New Zealand. In some schools in Brazil, they give more preference to grammar than other skills. Maybe the reason is that some people, mainly young people, have to do a hard test to enter university, and that test is just grammar. Studying English in New Zealand is more expensive than studying English in Brazil. The reason is that the Real (Brazilian money) is worth less than the New Zealand Dollar, so things cost more for Brazilians.

Robinson Neto from Brazil

In New Zealand, the teachers speak much more English than in Switzerland.  In Switzerland, the classes are bigger than in New Zealand.
In Switzerland, studying English is much more expensive than in New Zealand.
In New Zealand, we work in groups more than in Switzerland.
In New Zealand we have much more conversation than in Switzerland.

– David from Switzerland

Why did I choose New Zealand for studying the English language? There were three reasons.

Firstly, I think you get the best results when studying English in an English-speaking environment because you need speak, listen and write only in English, in school and also after school. Teachers describe all materials in English.  It helps to improve your language faster than in my country. Also, English language is native for teachers.  It’s very important!

The second reason is price because I left my job and decided to study English language in another country for a long period. The cost of living is very important for me. Therefore, New Zealand is a good choice.

Finally, New Zealand is a very beautiful, clean and safe country, and all this makes it a good place to study English language.

– Alex from Russia

I think when I’m studying English in New Zealand, it is much different and better than in Thailand. Firstly, in New Zealand I speak with native speakers.  It is very useful for me because they can help me to practice my pronunciation, my sentences and my grammar. English is all around me because everywhere I go and everything I see is in English, so it’s good for me to learn a lot of new vocabulary. I have plenty of friends from other countries, and we only use English to communicate.  Sometimes we can understand each other, but sometimes it’s too hard, but it’s a good experience for me.

One disadvantage for me is that studying English in New Zealand is more expensive than in Thailand, I have to spend a lot of money e.g. airfare, rent and living expenses.

– Joy from Thailand

I’m from Switzerland. I like beautiful countryside, islands, coasts and I like hiking. We, my husband and I, can only take a longer holiday in the European winter. Four years ago, my son was in the same school, he really enjoyed this time. I thought it would be a good opportunity to improve my English before I travel around New Zealand. During the school time, hopefully I’ll meet people from other countries, and we can enjoy visiting many beautiful places in and around Auckland together.

– Christine from Switzerland

We can learn about grammar more quickly in Japan than in New Zealand. Because Japanese teachers teach us grammar in Japanese, we can understand easily. But, we can learn about speaking and listening more quickly in New Zealand than in Japan. Because teachers are native speakers. Japan’s English classes are passive, but New Zealand’s English classes are active.

– Kento from Japan