It’s always good when you learn something new from your learners.

A task from one of the courses we are running was for learners to create a screencast teaching other people how to do something on a computer.  The literacy focus was  on speaking skills – consideration of the needs / level of understanding of the audience and thinking through how to make the message as clear as possible. One of the learners, “Diegotutor”, introduced us to some software called Diigo. Diigo is a web 2.0 tool to facilitate online collaboration / discussion about web content. Basically, you can go to a website, highlight sections of text and leave notes for other users to see and add to. This is clearly great for software developers and business people needing to give feedback on web material but as “Diegotutor” says, it is VERY useful for collaborative education. Teachers can use it to add prompts / discussion questions / give feedback etc. Watch Diegotutor’s screencast and let us know what you think.

We will certainly be using this with our classes – as a teacher you can get a free account.

You can watch Diegotutor’s screencast on Vimeo.

See the Diigo site if you decide to take this further.