Kia ora, I am Mel from Switzerland and I wanted to improve my English in order to be able to do a master’s degree at a university in an English-speaking country. Based on my previous experience with the General English course at Languages international (also known as LI), I decided to go back to Auckland to take the first step towards my goal.

Auckland, New Zealand

The school is located in the beautiful and peaceful Albert Park right in the heart of Auckland and offers a great variety of courses. Languages International is a warm community with many encouraging people where you feel comfortable right away. The teachers create effective and really enjoyable lessons in which they pay close attention to the students and respond to their individual needs. In addition to classes, the school provides students with a very beneficial place called the Learning Centre where students can use plenty of great resources for their homework, study or even for planning a weekend trip with some classmates. One of the best things is that students can have individual conversations with a teacher in the Learning Centre to get advice and explanations about mistakes they are making or just for a nice chat with the teachers. The nice atmosphere of this school forces you to learn with great enthusiasm and try to do your best because you got the feeling that nothing is impossible!

European students at Languages International, Auckland, New Zealand

English for University Higher (EUH for short) offers you a good basis for your future studies. This course will take you step by step into the world of academic English and although it is a tough course, through many assignments, you will notice quick progress and benefit from a wider range of vocabulary. The teachers always knew how to make engaging and entertaining lessons. Moreover, they knew how to motivate students to get the most out of them. The strengths and weaknesses of the students are individually evaluated and the teachers gave useful advice based on this. It can also be said that EUH is also a good foundation for the IELTS exam.

Before I came to New Zealand, I hadn’t taken the IELTS exam and I had no idea what it was about. The IELTS preparation course at LI was great and during these weeks I learnt all about the exam with useful tips and advice that helped me to achieve a score which was beyond all my expectations! Furthermore, the teacher was very supportive, enthusiastic and the class was always full of humour and drive.

The combination of EUH and IELTS was a tough challenge but at the same time it was a lot of fun. The teachers always took the time in or after class to clarify any lack of clarity. I sincerely appreciate the hard work and friendly attitude of all the teachers and the staff of this school.

School friends relaxing in Auckland, New Zealand

Honestly, NZ has stolen my heart! I have created solid bonds with first-class teachers and people from all over the world. For those who want to take a step forward with their English and make friends with people from all over the world at the same time, I cannot recommend a better country or a better school than Languages International. I loved every single moment I studied in this school because for me Languages International is one big family and I am really proud to have been part of it for 3 months. A huge thank you to the whole LI staff. Thank you for your help and your great support! Especially a massive thank you to Pauline, Liz, Fiona and Martina. They have encouraged me all the time to become better and without their patience, passion, motivation, amazing support, immense effort and confidence in me I would not have been where I am now. Because of them I am a huge step closer to my future study aims!
Thank you!

Mel, Switzerland