I have just finished studying at Languages International for the 4th time. Each time I have done a 2-week language course. In 2013 I started with English lessons, first in Germany on 10 Saturday mornings and then in New Zealand at Languages International.

The first course in New Zealand was very exhausting, because I had quite a little education. However, the success was so big that I decided to continue this. Now it has almost become a tradition to come here once a year to keep my English at least on the achieved level. It is so great here with many young people from all over the world and a very good teaching staff. On the one hand, the lessons are serious and purposeful, and on the other hand very funny. Both the students and the teachers are often joking, which makes the lessons very entertaining.

This year my son Florian was there. He found my descriptions from the past so convincing that he decided to come along. He also enjoyed the time here at Languages International, made new acquaintances and for the first time in his life studied together with his father in the same class.

We were accommodated in guest families, which were mediated by Languages International. I can only recommend this, you have to speak English and you get an insight into the way of life here in New Zealand.

For me, despite my age this certainly will not be my last time here at Languages International. I love the school and the teachers and I love communicating with young people from all over the world.

Author: Helmut, Germany