Photo: Tahiti Beach – Huahine by tiarescott

l live in Tahiti. It’s an island in French Polynesia . It’s the biggest island there. In all French Polynesia there are only 250,000 people and 2/3 are in Tahiti. In Tahiti it is about 50% Tahitian/indigenous people, 25% Chinese, 10% French, and about 15% mixed, Tahitian-French or Tahitian-Chinese.

Tahiti is attached to France but we have our own government, with our own ministers and president. Tahiti doesn’t have an army now. France takes care of that with the polycie and gendarmarie.

Education is also managed by France. We do some degrees in Tahiti and others in France. We have the same exams. The official language in Tahiti is French, but the Tahitian language is also taught at school and it’s the second language. People in administration are often French.

Living in Tahiti is very pleasant. We often have nice weather and the temperature is about 30 degrees every day. In winter, it’s a bit less during the day and colder in the evening, but it’s never less than 18 degrees. In summer it can be more 30 and sometimes up to 33 degrees.

By a student from Dairne’s Lower-Intermediate class at Languages International