Student: Min Hui

From: Taiwan

My sweet homestay family…

Living in homestay is the best way to practice your English, especially listening and speaking.

I feel so lucky to live with Maureen and John. They’re generous and nice and willing to spend time talking with us. I don’t feel shy because they won’t laugh at you if you make mistake. They’re so patient to reply to my questions.

It’s important for students to treasure the time with homestay. It’s not only a place to live in but also a good chance to practice your English. Some students live in homestay and just stay in their rooms and don’t turn up in the living room or dinner time. Unfortunately, they just waste their time and opportunity to practice English. It’s really a pity.

However, living in a good homestay is very important. If you’re not satisfied with your homestay, don’t hesitate to change it. I believe you can enjoy your studying life in homestay.