After finishing my military service, I came to New Zealand to study English. The reason why I chose to come here was that my grandparents have been living here for 4 years. That meant it was easy for me and I had no difficulty in adjusting. I could eat Korean food, could get in contact with my parents, and didn’t feel homesick.

As I saw some of my classmates suffering from culture shock I thought I wouldn’t like to live in a homestay. As time went by, however, I changed my mind. Even if I have difficulty living in a homestay I want to have the opportunity to speak English more. I thought it was a waste of time speaking Korean at home when I live in New Zealand!

I’m moving to a homestay this weekend. I don’t know whether it will be good or not but I will do my best to adjust and to study English as well. I hope I will be happy at the end of my New Zealand life and have no regrets.

Story contributed by James Jang, a student at Languages International Auckland.