I have been living in Epsom since I came here. I live with my host parents and Chinese home mate and a lovely cat, Molly. My homestay father retired from his job and my homestay mother has worked at a shipping company.

I can experience typical culture and can improve my English ability. Also, I am able to participate in various festivals in New Zealand with my family. My homestay parents are like my real parents. They always make an effort to help me. One day, my homestay mother bought Korean noodles for me! I felt that this house is really my Korean home. I usually eat typical foods, the typical foods are very different to Korean foods but I like them. And sometimes I make Korean food for my homestay family.

I usually spend my free time talking with my homestay father, and I play tennis with him. I usually visit a gallery in the city or take a trip to another city with my friends.

by In Young Choi, student at Languages International