Before i came to New Zealand, i heard a lot of information about it. New Zealand has nice weather and lots of prefect beach. For example, Mission Bay and Long Bay. And New Zealand has a lot of different fruit. I like fruit very much.The most important thing for me is New Zealand does not have a lot of people. This is different for my country. I do not like many people living together, so i chose New Zealand.

I think the most memorable thing is my homestay. My homestay mother is a New Zealander, and my homestay father is English. They have a cute daughter. She is 5 years old. They are friendly to me. They always talk to me interesting things about New Zealand. And they take me to the park and zoo. Sometimes, they buy some Chinese food for me, and we eat together. It is a very lovely homestay.

In the New Year, i travelled to Rotorua.I went to the hot pool and i had a relaxing spa. I want go to Queenstown in the future. Because i found it on the computer,and looked at the information about Queenstown. I think it is amazing. I want go there very much.

by Yimeng Yang, a student at Languages International