Written by: Hannah, a student at Languages International

I’m living in a homestay with homestay father, mother, and lovely two dogs.
I came here 4 weeks ago, my house is located near the Kohi beach.
So whenever I go home, I can see wonderful view of sea.

I was pleased because my room is very cozy and tidy.
My homestay father is really humorous. And my homestay mother is really
kind and friendly. I love both of them!
Lovely two dogs are 13 and 12 years old respectively.
They look loyal to my homestay family.

My homestay mother is good at cooking. Always, she serves nice meals
and sometimes she makes banana cakes and cookies. I’m happy about that.

Last weekend, my homestay family and I went to the Domain park.
I enjoyed sunshine, jazz music. And there, I made new friends.

I won’t forget my lovely homestay family.