Let me introduce my experience in Christine’s business marketing class. We had studied the theories of marketing in business marketing class. One day, the teacher said we were going to sell pizzas the next Friday at the school. I was so excited because I wanted to apply the theories that I have studied to a real situation.

Firstly, we visited other classes to survey other students’ taste for pizza, and it was a kind of promotion because we could announce that we were going to sell pizzas. After this survey, we chose kinds of pizzas that we would sell, and we discussed a reasonable price and specific details. And then we made various flyers to advertise this event on the computers in the Learning Centre.

Finally, on the D-day, the pizzas were sold out, and we made some profit. Every student in this business class really enjoyed this special experience. It was so exciting because we planned and promoted and sold it by ourselves and especially, everything was in English.

I would like to thank Christine for letting us make a special memory and recommend that you take this class!

by Mi-so Kim,a student at Languages International