Nice to meet you, I am Moonsung Cho from Korea.

In Korea, I worked for 5 years and planned to an MBA. Before starting my MBA, I came here to improve my general English ability because every lecture in MBA school would be taught in English.

When I arrived at Languages International, I chose this class to improve my business English communication skills and to know how business in Western culture is different from Asian culture.

During the class, I came to understand how to use English naturally in Business and learned a variety of business vocabulary.

At the same time, I have accumulated academic knowledge and skills necessary for business by trying lots of projects and tasks for the experience of using English for business.

Not only did I learn English for business, but also I built up personal relationship with various class mates from different countries and different backgrounds.

These experiences widened my perspective which had been limited to the Asian countries only and provided me with opportunities to learn the know-of doing business in various countries.

Organizing a company in house magazine was one of our projects which were done during the class. We planned, wrote and published this in house magazine under the instruction of our teacher, Emma. It was a very unique experience for every classmate in our class and we could learn about the process of releasing a company magazine from this.

You can see the magazine here.

By Moonsung Cho, a student at Languages International