We chose the business morning class, because we wanted to prepare for BEC exam and improve our business vocabulary. This course is useful to someone who has a job in global market or wants to learn for the future.
In the class, we studied not only the textbook but also reading business news articles, discussion, role playing and practiced listening with business reality shows (like Dragon’s Den). We think it is good to improve your skills because it is real and includes everything like grammar, vocabulary and reading as well.
In the afternoon, we joined the BEC class. We were very pleased because of the small class. It was really helpful for us due to the teacher dealing with each students more than big class.
We did lots of tasks connected with the exam and the teacher was supportive when we had a problem. We got homework everyday to improve what we have done in the lessons. In addition, we could study with particular books which Karen recommended.
Unfortunately, the exam day came too fast. We studied every free minute, but we were so nervous. In the speaking test, we totally forgot every useful language. The examiners were kind, but the atmosphere was tense. In part 3 of the speaking test, we had to discuss something for two minutes, but because of the tension the time felt quite long. It is hard to discuss difficult topics when you feel nervous.
The day after, we did the other part of the exam and it was more relaxed. We think we didn’t have enough time to get nervous because it was in the morning.
Anyway the exam is finished and we are waiting the result. We are free!! We just relish our remaining New Zealand life!!!!
We’d like to recommend this course to everyone because we totally satisfied with our improvements.
Big thanks to the best teacher, Karen
By Stefanie (Switzerland) & Michelle (Korea), students at Languages International
Photo: Stephanie and Michelle at school