I took the business course because it is very usefull for my job in Switzerland. I am working in a bank as a bankteller. You have a lot contact with clients and sometimes with clients who can not speak German.
After my stay in New Zealand and Australia I will start a further education in banking. One subject is Business English. I think it is a advantage for me, because I can learn a lot new business vocabulary in this course. Furthermore, we will also do the BEC exam at the end of the further education and when I have already done it here, than I can try to do the higher one or have not to do it onesmore.
The BEC preparation class is very helpfull for me. We can use the business vocabulary in the speaking parts and make a lot exercise to get the level to pass the exam in December.
In my opinion, it was the right decision to do these two language courses.


By a Swiss student at Languages International