Time flies, I have been studying at Languages International for about three months when I looked back, I realized I have learnt many things. I am a full-time student so I have three studying periods; a morning class, an afternoon class and a self-learning. Social programs are the programs to give you a chance to practice speaking and travel or enjoy life in New Zealand as well.
In terms of the morning class, there are three choices which are General English, English for Business and English for University. I used to study in the General English in my first two months but I am studying in English for Business now. Next, the afternoon classes are various and there are two main objectives; to study for certifications and to improve your skills. If you really have your objectives to get some certificates, I suggest you to choose the afternoon classes to IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC and CAMBRIDGE etc. Although, they are good classes, you may get a little stress in order to study 5 days a week and lots of homework. Despite of hard studying, you may get what you need.
On the other hand, you could enjoy your life if you take skills classes which are study 2 days a week that you can improve your skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) and you can get them with no stress because teachers give you to play games or do some activities. Moreover, you can choose options what you want to concentrate such as conversation, vocabularies and English for Business etc. It sounds greats, doesn’t it?
Last but not least, you can remove your weak points using LC which there are English games, Enjoyable DVD movies, English novels, magazines and English practice exercises etc. Teachers also support you all times when you are there.
I have had improved many skills since I am studying here and I totally believe my English skills will have improved hugely.
By Manasanan T.