I’ve been studying at LI for 3 months. In the beginning, I chose General English as my main course. Also, I could have skill and option classes in the afternoon. There were a wide variety for option classes. Then I studied in conversation class for first 2 months as I had speaking barrier when I just arrived NZ. Now, I’m getting better and better.
Recently I changed to take business course from General English, as I only have 2 more months left. I’d like to learn about business to help me to apply for an ideal job after I go home.
I still enjoy studying and life in NZ until now. Another is worth to share with you which is the Learning Center at LI. You could spend a lot of time to use all the resource there, e.g. listening and speaking practice on computers, conversation exchange, DVDs and different texts.
Finally, I hope we can enjoy time together at LI. ^^

By Cindy from Taiwan