Hello there. I’m Simon, a teacher at LI.  I’m from London England, but have lived in Auckland for 7 years and am happy-as to call it home.

With all the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s really easy to forget that Auckland is dotted with amazing volcanic cones – don’t panic, they’ve all been dead a long time.

One of my favourite things to do after teaching at LI is jump on a bus and head for Maungawhau, Mount Eden to watch the sunset. This is one of the city’s highest and best preserved craters. On the Social Programme, we take students to the top – it’s a bit of a hike, but they’re always blown away by the view of the harbours.  You can see how close to the city the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park is, and really appreciate how wonderful Auckland’s location is.

On the weekend, lots of people climb their local volcanic cone. Each one has a different, but stunning view. You can even catch a ferry out to Rangitoto, which is Auckland’s biggest volcanic cone and walk up the lava field to the summit – don’t forget your camera, this is one view you won’t want to miss!

And hey, if walking isn’t your thing, you could always check out the great volcano exhibition at Auckland Museum, or chill out watching the movie Under the Mountain – one of New Zealand’s most-loved stories, filmed in Auckland.

Written by Simon Todd. Simon is a teacher at Languages International.


Have you visited any of Auckland’s volcanic cones?  What did you think?

What are some other great places to go for a walk in Auckland?

 (Tell us in the comments and if you took photos, share a link to them. We’d love to see them.)

Here are some photos of Mt Eden taken by Jessica Moros, a member of our marketing team.

Crater at Mt Eden by Jessica Moros
The crater at Mt Eden by Jessica Moros

View of Auckland Skyline from Mt Eden by Jessica Moros
View of the Auckland skyline from Mt Eden by Jessica Moros