I want to talk about Auckland. This city is multi-cultural, so you can meet lots of people who come from other countries. You can also eat a variety of food and learn a variety of languages.

If you want to see their traditional culture, you should go to festivals held in Auckland. There are some festivals held in Auckland every year.

If you want to go to the beach, you should walk out of the city for 10 minutes, then you will see the beach, because Auckland is located near the sea. You can not only visit the seas, but also enjoy a variety of sea sports. For example, you can go on a kayak, windsurfing etc.

Auckland has many parks. They are beautiful and comfortable. So if you are tired, you can go to the park. The park offers rest for you.

If you want to enjoy exciting sports, you will find one which is suitable for you. The Skytower in this city has exciting activities like bungee jumping and the tower is the highest building in New Zealand.

If you want to visit New Zealand, don’t drop visiting Auckland from your tour list.

Written by A-Reum, a Korean student at Languages International.