Students from one of our General English classes have been writing about their experiences in New Zealand and places you can visit while you’re studying in Auckland. Our first student tells you about Mount Eden. It’s only a 15-minute drive from school, and from the top of the mountain you get wonderful views of Auckland. You can visit Mount Eden as part of Languages International’s Social Programme.

In the words of one of our students:

My visit to Mount Eden

Maungawhau/Mount EdenI came to New Zealand with the expectation that it was going to be cold, maybe even to see a little bit of snow. That’s why I decided to wear many different layers of clothes on my first day here. A decision I immediately regretted as soon as I started walking up Mount Eden. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining warmly in the sky. Everything reminded me more of a warm day in spring than a winter day. There were even daisies on the grass. After I got rid of my much-too-warm jacket, I was able to start enjoying the stunning view you have from the top of Mount Eden. You can see the amazingly beautiful skyline of Auckland with the extraordinary Sky Tower. I also had the chance to observe some people who brought some kind of a step-ladder with a seat on the top with them, so that they were able to take photos of each other from above. On this day I saw many things I had never seen before and that made me hungry for more.

How to get to Mount Eden from Languages International

Photos: Mt Eden viewed from One Tree Hill by Follash, Maungawhau/Mount Eden by Akos Kokai, both licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0