I arrived in Mount Maunganui on Saturday night. The first thing that I did was look for a hostel to spend the night, and I found a hostel at a great price, and with free Wi-Fi.

Mount Maunganui is a town in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, located on a peninsula to the north of Tauranga. Mount Maunganui is also the name of the extinct volcanic cone that rises above the town, which is now officially known by its Maori name Mauao, but is colloquially known in New Zealand simply as The Mount.

That same night night after leaving my stuff at the hostel I went looking for some place to eat and drink something, and I have to tell you, if you like a great tasty food and a cold beer, you’ll love this town. There are a lot of restaurants and bars for you enjoy at night.

On Sunday morning me and my friends woke up really early before 7.00 a.m. and we climbed Mount Maunganui to see the sunrise. I have never seen such an amazing sunrise before!!! From the top of the Mount you have a panoramic view of all of Mount Maunganui and nearby town Tauranga, too.


Languages International student Diogo

Author: Diogo Alves de Souza

Diogo is a student at Languages International. He is from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.