For the last few weeks I’ve been busy at school and on the weekends on different trips. I’ll tell you what I did last weekend when I was in Coromandel.

First of all, I rented a car with five of my friends from school. We picked it up on Thursday afternoon at three o’clock and drove out of the city. We had a lot of luck being early, because all the highways usually have a lot of traffic at this time.

The first stop was Coromandel town where we stayed one night in a backpackers. We went for dinner in a small restaurant close to the lodge and had a lot of fun. The next morning, we got up early and drove to Port Jackson. To get there we drove for one hour on an unsealed road which was quite dangerous, specially when we passed other cars. But the view out to sea, with beautiful cliffs and countryside with old trees, was gorgeous.

The next two days we stayed in Whitianga which is a small village on the east coast of Coromandel. From there we visited Cathethetral Cove. It was a beautiful beach surrounded with white cliffs. It was just amazing. Also we went to Hot Water Beach. We dug a hole in the sand and suddenly hot water came up. We had to mix it with cold water so that we could lie in. It was like a spa! On last sunday we got back home well and were so happy that we had such a great time together.

by Ariane, a student at Languages International