Photo: Ferns in Redwood Forest by Matthieu ::

Last weekend we rented a car to go to Rotorua and Taupo. They were four fantastic and beautiful days.

In Rotorua, we visited the Redwood forest for two hours. We saw lots of big trees like Oaks and wonderful landscape.

Afterwards, we walked around the Blue lake and the Green lake for four hours. If you like walking, you will enjoy it because you are in real nature and you can discover a new face of New Zealand.

On the road to Taupo the next day , we relaxed in a spa near the Geyser, and that is a perfect ending after a long walk!

In Taupo, during the last day we visited the Huka waterfall. We walked for 45 min to see the river and a not really big waterfall. We were a little disappointed!

The most amazing entertainment was the Bungee jumping in Taupo! You can touch the water with your head, but you must eat a lot of food beforehand if you want touch the water!!:-)

Advice: Spend 1 Day in Rotorua and 2 Days in Taupo.

By Patrik, Arava and Abdullah, students at Languages International