New Zealand is famous for its wonderful wines.  Here our student, Svetlana Kirienko, writes about the lovely day she and her friends had visiting Auckland’s vineyards with Kiwiana Tours.  Enter Svetlana…

It was a wonderful morning. The sun was shining. Before we were picked up we had been waiting for a bus for 20 minutes, but we spent the time taking pictures in the shadows of trees.

Auckland New Zealand Winery It only took 30 minutes to get to the first winery, and the whole time you could see nature through the car window. I had never carried out a wine tasting before visiting Soljans Estate Winery. It was founded in 1937. There we were learning to taste wine, looking at the colour of the wine, and then decanting it in a wineglass and smelling it and trying it again. It was really charming. You could smell the aromas of different fruits and spices, but we didn’t choose anything to buy.

The next stop was at West Brook Winery. It was founded in New Zealand in 1935 by Anthony Ivicevich from Croatia. It is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected boutique wineries. It is located in the Waikoukou Valley, Waimauku, west of Auckland. There was an amazing tasting. We were led to a special room with a glass wall. There were lots of wine barrels. Wine at the Winery Auckland New ZealandIt’s a must-see. It was exciting. We tasted wines and ate salt cookies while hearing about every kind of wine, and we could smell new and perfect aromas. After the tasting, we went to a picnic in the terraced picnic area. There was such a wonderful view. We sat and enjoyed it. We felt the blowing of the wind and listened to the bird song.

At the third winery – Coopers Creek Winery we spent less time than at the others because it was late and everybody was a little tired.

The trip back was fun. We saw little lambs. They were like athletes: they ran and jumped.  It was a really awesome day.

Svetlana Kirienko

Author: Svetlana Kirienko

Svetlana is a student at Languages International. She is from Vladivostok, Russia.