Photo: Auckland waterfront at night by Lens_Flare
Hi, I’m Andrew. Every weekend Emilie and I like to explore new places in New Zealand. In particular, we like to try lots of restaurants and nightclubs, so Emilie is going to write especially about nightclubs and I am going to write about the restaurants.
She went to the Bungallow just in front the waterfront restaurant. This nightclub is really amazing because there is a big wall just with a lot of aquariums!!! (bad trip for the fish) but it’s really original, and it’s a good place to dance and to relax outside. But her favorite one is the Waterfront!! she knows she wrote it’s a restaurant, but after midnight it becomes a nightclub. It’s different from the other ones because it’s located on the quay and there is a huge deck just in front of the sea and you can smoke on the deck. She knows it’s not a really good reason, but to compare with her country, they can smoke everywhere, but it’s not respectful of the non-smokers. That’s why she thinks the waterfront it is a nice place: because everyone can enjoy the moment without disagreements!!! So she finds New Zealand nightclubs are really interesting because you can invite everybody with different ages, and they will like it for this reason.
I have always loved finding delicious restaurants. When I arrived in Auckland for the first time, some people recommended a few special restaurants, but I wasn’t satisfied with them because they were just ordinary. So I have looked for a different restaurant every week. Finally, last weekend, I discovered a restaurant which was located near the Ferry terminal, so I went there with my friend. It’s a particular restaurant called “Degree“, which is a famous steak restaurant. I was surprised because it has a secret process which puts a steak on a stone to grill according to personal taste. I received a really good impression because I had never seen before this manner of cooking anywhere in my life. The flavor also was yummy!!! and it has an unbelievable view: I could look at the waves in the sea while I was eating my huge steak. So my weekend was wonderful.
What are your favourite Auckland restaurants and night clubs?
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