Photo: Mission Bay by gewitterhexer


I am French, and I come from Paris. I am at LI for 3 weeks to improve my English among students from around the world that have the same aim. Up to now, I have already experienced the Social Programme activities proposed by LI twice. In my first class week, I participated in a bike ride to Mission Bay with the teacher May. We were 3 students from Russia and Switzerland. The Social Programme really allowed us to meet and of course to speak English together.

I also participated in a Southern Spirit sailing trip with the teacher Matt. We were very lucky because the weather was very sunny. We were about 8 students from Brazil and Switzerland, and we all enjoyed this sailing journey, which of course permitted us to speak together in English only.

With more than 300 students at LI, you cannot of course meet all of them. Social Programme activities contribute in helping students to meet each other in a normal and easy way, just for the fun and also sharing a good stress-free time. Therefore, I recommend to everyone to live this experience that never you will forget.

By Tarek from Paris, a student at Languages International